when you participate in the #sweettoothchallenge you'll be entered for a chance to win a month's worth of free milkshakes (for you & a friend) from one of Nashville's favorites:


scroll down to learn more


3 steps

make a video showing how the new single "Sweet tooth" changed up your tastes by first doing something boring, then something fun with a little transition inbetween.

then upload your video to either tiktok, instagram or both. 

(can post or use reels when using ig)

please note: video must include  "sweet tooth" by z. smith to be considered for entry.

use #sweettoothchallenge when posting your video so we can see it

(cause otherwise, we won't).

tag a friend in the caption of your video.  it doesn't have to be the friend you want to share the prize with, but we'll let you make that call. 

1. post your video

2. use the hashtag

3. tag a friend

the prize


one lucky participant who posts their video by  friday, November 20th  will win one month's worth of free milkshakes for themselves and a friend. 

*winner will be selected at random.

these milkshakes are 160z (1lb) each. as a result, the legendairy milkshake bar has defined "one month's worth of milkshakes" as 5 shakes total.  the winner of this challenge will be presented with a giftcard with a balance of $153.20 to cover a month's worth of milkshakes for two people. here's the math:

1 month's worth of shakes


5 shakes

($15.32 each)

$15.32 per shake


10 shakes

(you & a friend)




to see what you're winning, visit 

contact us with any questions using